Australian Rotary Health (Lift The Lid On Mental Health)

Australian Rotary Health (ARH) is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research in Australia. As part of their efforts to address mental health issues, ARH runs a campaign called “Lift The Lid On Mental Health.” Here’s some information about Australian Rotary Health and its mental health initiative:

Australian Rotary Health (ARH):

Australian Rotary Health is a national health promotion charity that was established by Rotary in 1981.

Its primary focus is to provide funding for research and support initiatives across various areas of health, including mental health.

ARH aims to improve the health outcomes and well-being of Australians through research, awareness, and community-based programs.

Lift The Lid On Mental Health:

“Lift The Lid On Mental Health” is a campaign initiated by Australian Rotary Health to raise awareness and funds for mental health research.

The campaign seeks to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues and promote open conversations about mental well-being.

The name “Lift The Lid” signifies the act of lifting the metaphorical lid on mental health to encourage understanding, support, and action.

Objectives of the Campaign

Increase public awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

Reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by individuals with mental health conditions.

Generate funds to support vital mental health research projects in Australia.

Advocate for improved mental health services and policies.

Fundraising Activities

The “Lift The Lid On Mental Health” campaign includes a range of fundraising activities organized by Rotary clubs across Australia.

Fundraising events may involve community activities, sponsored walks or runs, charity dinners, auctions, and other initiatives aimed at raising funds and promoting mental health awareness.

Donations received through these activities are used to support mental health research grants, scholarships, and community-based projects.

Impact and Research Grants

Australian Rotary Health funds a wide range of mental health research projects across Australia.

The research grants support studies focused on mental health prevention, early intervention, treatment, and improving service delivery.

ARH grants also provide support for PhD scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships in the field of mental health.

Through the “Lift The Lid On Mental Health” campaign, Australian Rotary Health aims to make a meaningful impact in the field of mental health by funding research, promoting awareness, and advocating for improved mental health services and support.

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